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matt & kevin co-founders of beam

We’re active guys. We’ve played sports professionally. We’ve trained for Ironman triathlons and marathons. We’ve competed in CrossFit competitions. Long story short, we’ve pushed our bodies to the brink for the joy of sport and the thrill of competition. But the aches and pains from being that active came with increased stress and sleepless nights.

Throughout the years, we’ve diligently searched for a natural remedy for our ailments that met our personal wellness standards—natural, non-toxic, and high-performing. We tried everything. Then, four years ago we were introduced to CBD. We saw firsthand how it reduced our inflammation and eased our pain. We were sleeping better. We were less anxious. We had more energy.

To put it plainly, CBD changed our lives. But the road to finding a CBD product that met our standards was frustrating. After struggling to find a product that was high quality, transparent about ingredients, and effective, we decided to create our own. Our mission is to empower people to push their limits and pursue their passions by improving their physical and mental state. Whether athlete or entrepreneur, busy parent, or weekend warrior, we’re constantly working to create better CBD products that meet your needs and expectations.




our core values

beam is committed to producing the best possible CBD products for our wellness-minded community. Our core values embody this commitment and serve as a guiding light for all that we do.

We are committed to being transparent about what’s in our products and don't hide behind vague or misleading labeling. All of our products are made with natural ingredients and beam's organic CBD oil.

We recognize that there is still much to be discovered about CBD and as research into its benefits expands, we’re committed to staying on top of the latest information to better educate our community on how this natural compound can impact health and wellness.

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